Diaphragm walls are cast in place reinforced concrete walls constructed in the form of wall or panels in the ground. Inner stability of the ditch obtained by diaphragm wall panel or wall below the ground water level in the ground is ensured by using a sludge (bentonite sludge or polymer) at a fixed level inside the excavation pit. Therefore, excavation wall is held stabile until reinforced concrete stage with the positive pressure of the sludge in the ditch.

Panel form excavation is made with the help of mechanical or hydraulic excavator equipment in production of diaphragm walls. Bentonite solution is used to ensure progression during excavation. After necessary excavation, the fitting is lowered and concrete is applied.

This construction method creates an impermeable reinforced concrete screen to make deep excavations on grounds with high water level. It is designed as console screen or anchorage systems in production of deep foundation excavations of high structures.