The wick drains also known as the Prefabricated Vertical Drainages have been established to provide drainages paths for porous waters on soft compressible soils. These drainage materials accelerate ground consolidation by shortening and facilitating the water walk through and ground water may be moved away rapidly.

The band drains are the polypropylene wicks which include flexible longitudinal channels and provide high water. These drains ensure water to be carried to ground surface by means of the channels by drawing and securing water to its own body like a filter. These drains in the form of rolls are passed through a mandrel. Mandrel is nailed or proceeded to desired depth by means of a vibrator or pressure ropes. However, preliminary drilling is made if the vibrator or pressure rope system remains incapable on grounds with high SPT.


After the nailing process, Band Drain (wick drain) is cut in a way that some part of it is left on the ground. Mandrel is proceeded to the next point and the application is continued. After placement of all drains is completed, the ground on which loading will be made is compressed on-site and ground water rises to the surface from these drains and is moved away by means of the surface channels. By this way, the system is reduced to desired level and compressed.