It is a structure supported with soldier beams and prestressed anchorage in different numbers and dimensions on the horizontal depending on surface and ground water conditions, environmental loads, deformation criteria etc. factors while making bored piles in vertical components in an anchorage sheathing structure. It is applied as prestressed permanent anchorage or prestressed temporary anchorage depending on the status of the project.

After completing construction of bored piles which are vertical components, bored piles are connected to each other with a capping beam at the top level. After completion of the capping beam, drilling is made in stages, prestressed anchorage and soldier beams are constructed and the sheathing system is constructed downward in parallel to the drilling.


After completion of drilling with the anchorage drilling machine, anchorage fitting (cluster) is placed inside the bore. The injection placed next to the anchorage cluster is fed upward from the drill bottom with the injection pump. Operation is completed when the injection slurry reaches the well top. Reinforced concrete screen or anchorage waler beam (soldier beam) is constructed before the anchorage. The anchorage plate is mounted on waler beams with the anchorage cage and anchorage ropes are fixed to the project load with the help of the anchorage lever jack.

When prestressed anchorage cannot be applied due to environmental conditions, vertical bored pile components can be supported with supporting pipes or struts leaning on solider beams in stages from the inside the drill.