Bored piles are the cast-in-place piles. They can be constructed with a diameter higher than Ø45 cm and in various sizes. Bored piles are constructed by doing a circular cross section drill into the soil and building pile reinforcement and concrete in this drill. Bored piles, foundation pile, soldier pile are applied as crossing pile types.

A drill that is suitable for the project is performed with the Bored Pile machine. Once the drill process is completed, manufacturing is finalized by building reinforcement and concrete in the well (with a tremie pipe). Steel casing tube is bored into the soil during the drilling process in cohessionless soils. The casing tube is withdrawn from the soil after the concreting process is completed.


Bored piled deep foundations are commonly applied in case the soil stratums having reliable level of bearing capacity are deep-seated or during construction of buildings in which different settlements are expected in terms of their static system. Additionally, bored piles may be constructed as the Bracing system in deep excavation supporting structures and slope stability solutions. They are applied in Foundation Systems and Bracing Systems.